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1 Child 1 Ball Project


To give dreams and hope to Cambodian children To raise the quality of soccer in Cambodia Our players and staff will be holding a soccer clinic in Cambodian schools OR in a Cambodian school The project is: ”To give a soccer ball to a Cambodian child as a gift”  OR (To give soccer balls to Cambodian Children)   Cambodia is     one of the developing countries in the 10 ASEAN countries Cambodia is growing at an amazing speed, but it still has a problem of qualitative difference  compared to the other countries The education environment is also substandard due to the disparity of wealth in society, giving little opportunity to the poorer populations

But One Child One Ball has the potential to initiate change toward the social problem

To open the way of a new generation of professional soccer players by starting with a single soccer ball. Angkor Tiger: To have the feeling of hope and courage when you watch a match of Angkor Tiger FC against other strong teams Our mission is to be a symbol of Dream, Hope and Courage through our soccer matches and One Child One Ball Project to build a bright future for Cambodia.

Message from owner of Angkor Tiger FC

When I was traveling Battambang City in Cambodia as budget travel 20 years ago, I played with a boy for an hour. I asked him

“Where do you live?”

He answered clearly


My heart ached so hard, as I was 19 years old. And I asked again,

“Do you want something?”

The boy answered,

“Soccer Ball”

He had no house…

I swore one thing in my heart at that moment. I can’t make everyone wealthy, but I want to support youth and make many smiles through soccer. Now, I have the opportunity to run Angkor Tiger FC. I want to show how to be strong like a tiger, and to never give up. I will give individual soccer balls to children, like the boy who said “Soccer ball”, and I will help Cambodians dream, hope, and smile.   Thank you very much.   Angkor Tiger FC Owner Akihiro Kato  

Corporate membership

We are recruiting corporate membership which supports One Child One Ball Project.






  • Uniform with your company logo

※No printing for the match uniforms

  • Letter from the children who got the ball
  • Introduce your company on our official website, Facebook and Twitter.

Project tour

You can join our One Child One Ball project with our players and staffs.


~30 person:$500 31~50 person:$1,000 51 person:$1,500

※Travel expenses and food/drinks expenses not included.