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Cambodia is a beautiful country with high economic growth in South East Asia. The development of Cambodia is expected to continue to grow by receiving better infrastructure and education.  

You can gain experience by working with Cambodians who have different culture, language, and values.

  You can join as a business internship student instead of volunteering in the developing country  of Cambodia. Change your life with us by trying real business cases, not just case studies.   We moved from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap as our home town in 2017 season. The club is experiencing a big wave to get new fans and to make new business in our home town. There is no precedent to follow, as we are creating this new environment in Siem Reap.

But in this environment,

“Not only is there opportunity of experience to work abroad with a recognized company through our program, you can gain practical knowledge by “Being yourself and growing in a developing environment.”” Angkor Tiger FC has the largest number of spectators in the Cambodian league and a rapidly growing soccer club. We look forward to receiving applications from serious candidates who want to experience growth.  

“The will to look forward creates your bright future.”。


1.Long term internship

You work as a professional after getting work experience with Angkor Tiger FC. These are our tasks, dependent on your team and what you want to achieve here.


  • Operation,  Attracting spectators, Preparation at stadium, etc.
  • Practice support, Manage equipment, Buy drinks, Book court, etc.
  • Promotion,  Manage SNS and website, Make player’s card, Make player’s board, Make videos
  • Others:   Support with new players, Accounting support